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Fiji geek t-shirts

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Every geek subculture needs its own iconic gear - and Fiji's geeks should not be left out. Below are Digital Fiji's ideas for our new age of ICT attire. If you like these, we'll figure out a way to get them made locally.

Fans of the classic American "got milk?" advertising campaign followed by the thinkgeek "got root" t-shirt will appreciate the localized version below.

But if alliteration is more your thing, you will like this one.

Another localization of a timeless geek classic! If you cannot get enough of "all your base are belong to us", you will really like this fijified version complete with a little local txt speak.

We all know that food safety is not everything that it could be in Fiji, that's why those who stumble out of the nightclubs for a dalo, chop, and sausage with an egg on top deserve this badge of honor.

Digital Fiji is proud to keep it real. Now you can tell the world that you stand by your words too - even if you keep three or four anonymous accounts just in case!

The boys at Failed Paradise did not think this would catch on as Fiji's geek catch phrase, but I am still campaigning for it!


Wilson said...


I WANT THESE T-SHIRTS@@@!!!!! are a freaken genius!!!! XD XD XD

(looks feverently for a +fav button)

I'ma see if i can't help design these shirts...and i'll ask around for some cheap places to get them printed.

Of course there's that place in Suva Centra opposite Colonial that print designs from the pc onto shirts...i'll check them out and let you know...


thrashor said...

so, to be clear, i guess you like them? let me know if you find a good place to print them. i have not looked around myself.

Chief Intelligentsiya said...

I second Wilson's comments! Brilliant idea Chris, would definitely love to have one!!

Anonymous said...

shouldn't it be... I ate Suva roadside BBQ and all I got was this lousy parasite

thrashor said...

c.i.: glad you love the shirt ideas! but here's a thought - how would i deliver a t-shirt to an anonymous blogger sought by the RFMF without blowing your cover?

sounds like an interesting problem in anonymous communication. i could put a shirt in a plastic and tape it to the underside of the fletcher road bridge in the middle of the night ;)

thrashor said...

heh! the parasite idea is a good one too. how about "i'm with the tapeworm" and an arrow pointing downwards?

Anonymous said...

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Rizwan ud Dean said...

how about "switch all phones to vibrator"


Anonymous said...

have you started selling any of these? Im interested, though the tees are not so geeky :)