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Fiji news is truly wired

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As an avid follower of recent turmoil in Fiji one element is striking. For the first time in the history of Fiji, a major national event can be followed in detail online. Between the outstanding Fiji bloggers and the quality of Fijian news websites, supplemented by the websites of foreign media, I have been able to follow developments far better than television, radio, and newspapers combined. I have been particularly impressed with the timely, if not always accurate, information provided by both FijiLive and the Fiji Times website.

It is also interesting to note that the online community has been regularly updating related Wikipedia pages including the pages for Qarase and Bainimarama.

It is my deepest wish that Fiji will find a peaceful resolution to its current crisis followed by a rapid economic recovery.


laminar_flow said...

Wired in Fiji. How much bandwidth is there?
Is download and upload speeds to your liking?

thrashor said...

lf: i cannot tell you how much i miss my high speed residential internet connection back in canada. it really is one of the things i miss most. in suva, broadband residential internet is very slow (around 128 kbps down and 64 kbps up) and expensive for the speed you get (around FJ$40 monthly). buyers do have six isps to choose from now, which is nice, but they all ultimately route traffic through fintel. fintel has access to two expensive sea floor cables and an expensive satellite uplink.