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Nabua RC: the only rugby club in Fiji with a web presence

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A strange fact came to my attention recently. In this rugby-obsessed country, there is only one rugby club with a web presence - the famous Nabua Rugby Club. This site has been up and running for a number of years, yet it has no competition. Great work NRC! But what about the rest of you guys?

What does it mean that Fiji rugby clubs have not jumped onto the web? Is it an issue of funding? Perhaps - NRC has a philanthropist supporting their web site. Is it a matter of audience demographics - are rugby fans in Fiji are not online? That seems doubtful as Fiji rugby attracts a fan-base that seems to cut across all economic and ethnic divisions in the country and Internet usage is increasing daily. Does club management not see the potential of having an online presence? Maybe. Likely, there are a number of factors.

To all Fiji Rugby club managers: Don't let those Nabua boys show you up! Get online
to promote your team and to support and build your loyal fan-base. Imagine if your fans could look up your teams' game schedules on the web - then you would not have to answer so many phone calls! (Note: NRC does not have their schedule online yet, but they are working on it.)

NRC has opted to take advantage of affordable web hosting in the US. However, if your club is really strapped for cash, why not look into the growing number of free web publishing options such as:

If you need some help or advice leave a comment below or email me at thrashor (AT) gmail (DOT) com and I will try to help out myself or find you an eager student volunteer.

Go Fiji go!
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Wilson said...

i reckon its because they just don't realize the benefits of having an online presence...i reckon the same thing goes for just about any other company locally. It's taking awhile for them but they're waking up...slowly...

thrashor said...

you may be right. if club managers need some inspiration beyond the great site the NRC has put together, many pundits point to New England Patriots (US NFL team) website as the best-of-breed. another one you can check out is the Edmonton Eskimos Canadian gridiron team site, which i had a little involvement in a couple of years ago.