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Fiji blogs!

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One of the most popular ways for individuals to participate in digital culture and collaborate online is through weblogs (or just blogs) - and Fijians are no exception.

The following is a list of active blogs about Fiji or by Fiji residents. Notice how diverse these blogs are in style and topic - they range from personal diaries, to blogs sharing photos with overseas relatives, to promotional blogs, to self-published journalism.



laminar_flow said...

Perhaps a blog awards for Fiji, is in order.

thrashor said...

This is a really outstanding idea. Any ideas about how we could organize such a thing? Get together a panel of judges, or maybe get one of the Fiji papers to sponsor it?

laminar_flow said...

Why not? The ball is yours to run.

Can the awards have a voting segment via text, email.

Perhaps include categories for best layout, story, graphics/images etc.

Weblog awards 2005.

Oman's 2005 blog awards.

Vakaivosavosa said...

Welcome to Fiji thrashor. Its refreshing to hear your 'digital' perspective. And thanks for listing the Fiji related blogs.

I think a Fiji blog awards would be great. I've read about other blog awards, voted by readers. I don't have so many readers - laminar_flow gets more traffic and has been around longer than I.

Blogs are new to Fiji and those interested in Fiji and its mostly other Fiji bloggers that comment on blog postings on Fiji. However Fiji people online are very active on the fijilive forums and with online communities like Fiji Voices as well as message boards like the Fiji Board Exiles.

However blogs are being noticed and recently Peceli and Wendy of the Babasiga blog were interviewed on and Australian ABC radio program called In the Loop.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Re the way we used to comment - Fijivillage, Fijilive, and Exiles Board were once good places with lots of contributors, but even Exiles has been hijacked by some persistent pessimists.
Blogs are the way to go it seems.

mpb said...

You might consider a "blog ring" but it sometimes has difficulty when the code for linking one blog with another doesn't apply to all blogging platforms.

Another is a Fiji carnival-- a weekly or monthly annotated listing of posts submitted by bloggers to a rotating moderator/editor, usually with a theme.

If anyone is interested in group blogging platforms, you might check out (also or or The blogs are free, easy to use (based on WordPress), and can be a group of co-authors on a topic, e.g., teachers or classrooms, etc.