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A Fiji blogs feed - one step further

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Fiji blogs feed
One of the key partner technologies to blogs is syndication. Syndication, in this sense, refers to publishing your blog (or any other web resource) in one of several standardized formats that can be read and processed by other computers. Syndicating your blog is commonly referred to as publishing a feed.It would be fair to ask, why on earth would I want to do this? The argument is twofold,

  1. More readers - This allows your readers to access your blog through the increasingly popular channel of feed readers like reddit, Google Reader, or right inside of Mozilla Firefox or Thunderbird. One key difference between surfing the web and using a feed reader is that your posts will arrive like new email in the feed reader of every one of you subscribers - you do not have to hope that they will surf to your site of their own accord.
  2. More readers - This allows your content and links to your blog to be gathered, processed, and used in new ways. One exciting example is through aggregators. Aggregators bring content together from diverse sources. One interesting example is the Fiji News feed that I put together.
I am indebted to fellow Fiji blogger Vakaisavosa who has suggested a number of additions to my original list of active Fiji blogs. I have gone through my list, plus those of Vakaisavosa's suggested additions that met my criteria of recent activity and Fijiness, and pulled together all available feeds into one aggregated Fiji blogs feed using Kick RSS. This feed will let you watch almost all Fiji blogs from a single feed.

This brings me to my final point - I notice that several Fiji bloggers conspicuously lack feeds to their blogs. Turn on those feeds, my friends, so that Fiji's diverse voices can be heard even louder!


Pandabonium said...

Thanks for the links and all the information you are providing.

Happysurfer said...

Yes, my thanks too.

Vakaivosavosa said...

This is great Thrashor! You've very quickly put this together, well done. Do we just click on the link to the feed? Us non-techies may need some guidance on how to access the feed.


thrashor said...

V - You have a number of options to access the feed. One simple thing to try out is to go to and set up an account there. Then click on "subscriptions", then "add". Then put in the URL of the Fiji Blogs feed from my post ( and hit the "Add" button. You will then see a list of all the posts in the feed down the left hand side. Click on them and read them or follow the links to the actual blogs.

There is also a good step-by-step tutorial here -

Vakaivosavosa said...

Thanks. I see also that we can access the fiji blog feed on a web page:

Am now publishing the feed for my blog as well.

thrashor said...

V, I have added your feed to the Fiji Blogs feed! Thanks!

Robin said...

I came after reading Panda's

It must be syndication.. hehe

Keep up the good work..