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Can blogging drive political action?

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The "Fiji Freedom Bloggers" enjoy a bowl of grog while listening to Bula FM ;-)

Those anonymous bloggers that snubbed us at the bloggers' meet are at it again. Their plan to have individuals who are opposed to the Interim Government stay home on May 1st has netted international press attention and has had the military both hunting Fijian Black and then not hunting him in the very same day.

It will be interesting to see how all interested parties will respond to this call for a May Day strike - for that is exactly what it is even though Captain Intelligentsiya tells us otherwise. Will large numbers of people stay home? What will employers think of employees who call in sick?

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thrashor said...

Here is another mention of the strike in the international press from radio NZ.

thrashor said...

A brief mention again from Fiji Village. Will there be news or no news tomorrow morning?

laminar_flow said...

Does the Johhny-come-lately blogs, reinforce your earlier post on critical internet research?

It's May 1st in Fiji, any signs of passive resistance?

Got a digital inspired link for you

thrashor said...

The strike seems to have failed, but the military is looking for Fijian Black again.

thrashor said...

laminar: regarding using the internet critically: if the statement, "you cannot believe everything that you read in the papers" is true, then the following is even more true, "you cannot believe everything that you read in a blog!"

there is no sign of passive resistance here in the usp part of suva. has anyone else seen any evidence?