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The first Bloggers' Meet in Fiji

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Last night at the ROC on Victoria Parade and Loftus in Suva, I attended the first ever bloggers' meet in Fiji. Ok, only two other bloggers showed up, but that still justifies our historic claim! The two other attendees were the brains behind the Paradise Failed: Abort, retry, Fail? blog. We had a great talk about everything from politics to family history to taxi drivers to Hi5 - oh, and blogging, too.

Special note: There was no military or police visit (my neighbours were wrong), nor did any of Fiji's anonymous bloggers come - unless they were at a different table.

Resolutions: We will meet again. The USP Library ought to try and reach USP students through Hi5. For a related discussion see here.

Photo by Brett L


Pandabonium said...

Congratulations! Three is a start, and a successful first meeting gets the ball rolling. I hope Fiji's bloggers can keep the momentum going.

Anonymous said...

Hey Thrashor, Chin up- you did a marvelous thing.

mayvelous said...

Alrite! a good start. Will join next round. :-)

thrashor said...

Thanks for the well-wishes! When shall we set the next meet-up?

Picky Eater said...

Darn! Only just found your blog, or I would have come too.

BTW, another blog for your list: Lunch In Suva