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Fiji VoIP policy workshop - July 12, 2007

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This is an important announcement (see the full text below). The advent of VoIP in Fiji is a major event in the history of ICT in Fiji. What is VoIP? It stands for "voice over Internet protocol" which is a collection of technical standards for allowing voice communications, such as telephone calls, to take place across the Internet. Typically, once all the problems have been worked through, this results is a dramatic reduction in the cost of telephone calls - especially long distance calls - to consumers.

How VoIP works

Back in Canada, I was able to sign up with a VoIP provider and make as many local or long distance phone calls anywhere within North America for CDN$40 per month. The expensive reality of transoceanic data communications will likely ensure that Fiji does not see costs this low any time in the near future. In the mean time, if you have Internet access and a microphone for your computer, you can already use VoIP through services like Skype and Gizmo. (The technologically adventurous will want to check out asterisk.)



Thursday 12 July 2007 (Southern Cross Hotel)
Time: 9.00am 4.00pm


The changes brought about by the rise in IP-enabled communications are by nature revolutionary. Developments in such services have reduced communication cost and spur innovation and individualization. Through this means communications services are delivered as demanded by each end user via an attractively priced suite of services and not necessarily limited within the confined of the legacy network. Generally IP-enabled services and VoIP will generate increased demand for more broadband connections, fostering development and growth in this area.

Governments awareness about developments in Internet Protocol (IP_ enabled applications and services, in particular those concerning Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) and its impact on our social and economic fabrics has necessitated its initiative in developing its policy directions in respect of the provision of VoIP service in Fiji. These directions are enunciated in the VoIP policy of Government.

Cabinet agreed to the substance of the VoIP Policy at its 12th Meeting on Tuesday 16 June 2007.

The VoIP Policy is premised on ensuring Governments facilitative and supportive role towards the provision of VoIP service and the establishment of related necessary licensing and regulatory parameters to promote on orderly transition into this dimension.

Workshop Objective

In connection with the approved VoIP Policy, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, Investment and Communications is organizing a one-day workshop on Thursday 12 July 2007 that is intended to enlighten interested stakeholders on the following-

• Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

• VoIP Policy of Government

• Provision of VoIP Service

• Licensing

• Numbering

• Regulatory aspects

• Implementation of the VoIP Policy

Workshop Material

All presentation documents and a summary of the discussions at the workshop will be posted in the Department of Communications website within the Fiji government On-Line Portal that is accessible via the following link


All interested stakeholders are welcome to attend the one-day workshop.

Department of Communications
Ministry of Commerce, Industry, Investment & Communications
P.O. Box 2264, Government Buildings, Suva
Telephone: 330 0766
Facsimile: 331 5167

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