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Infamous Fiji blog hits Wordpress top 100 list

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Most of the world's bloggers are typing away in relative obscurity having very few readers beyond a few family and friends. Most of Fiji's bloggers are no different drawing only single digit readerships daily. I have been grinding away at Digital Fiji for roughly a year now and I can only boast of a daily readership of around 40 unique readers daily with occasional spikes to over 100 whenever I write something reasonably interesting.

It will not surprise anyone that Fiji's anonymous political blogs, which exploded onto Fiji's blogosphere shortly after the 2006 coup, draw much more of an audience than Digital Fiji. However, who would of thought that one of Fiji's most controversial anti-military blogs would rate among the "top blogs" of the world? Why Fiji Is Crying, which I recently blogged about, has done just that.

This screen shot is taken from the Wordpress Top Blogs page today. You can see Why Fiji Is Crying sandwiched between YOU BEEN BLINDED and Tennis Planet. What does this mean? It is hard to say. Wordpress's page says that they top blogs are "ranked here according to a special formula". The formula is not revealed.

This certainly demonstrates that Fiji's anonymous political blogs, with all of the questions that they raise, are extremely popular - in fact, Why Fiji Is Crying is likely the most popular blog in Fiji.

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Wilson said...

Well i'll be damned O_o

...i guess a congratulations is in order :) Guess controversy really does sell :D

Who would have thought that fiji's 'little' problem would actually garner such attention as to make these guys in the top 50 list ^_^

thrashor said...

controversy does sell indeed, but i cannot help that something deeper is going on here. what really drives wfc and similar sites are its commenters. its as if Fiji's has lacked a forum where people can safely share their feelings and frustrations without fear of retribution, and now that there is such a place, all of the country's bottled up feelings - the good and the bad - are pouring forth onto the net. it is amazing and frightening at the same time.

Rusi Mataika said...

Amazing what popularity does to bloggers. You can do 180s etc don't you?