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Is blogging a dead issue in Fiji?

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I have had a lot of fun blogging about blogging in Fiji. (You can relive all dfiji blog blogging here!) It is fascinating for me to see the interplay of blogs, Fiji's military, and the anti-interim-government movement. Now that we have returned to martial law for the second time this year, I am wondering if blogs will re-emerge as a major political issue?

  • Will any "big name" renegade bloggers get caught?
  • Will the anti-military blogs return to inciting violence?
  • Will the truly pro-democracy anonymous bloggers denounce their anti-democratic anonymous compatriots, or will they remain united against a common foe?
  • Will the government actively block any blogs?
  • Will opposition to the interim government take root in other online forums such as Facebook or Hi5?
It will be interesting to see what transpires - in between watching rugby matches, of course.
Photo by: Elena!


Wilson said...

touching the social network websites is a huuge no no...everyone and their uncle is on hi5, bebo, facebook you name it, they're there ^_^

thrashor said...

ok, i have a challenge for you: post the profile of a significant member of fiji's interim government!