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Koha library system live in Samoa

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My blogging has been interrupted recently by some development work in Samoa. Here is an announcement of the fruit of my labours. I hope to write up my experiences over the next few days into a story of a high tech development project in the South Pacific - a roller-coaster ride that almost goes off the rails!

September 18, 2007
Dear UNESCO Apia colleagues, Pacific Libraries, and UNESCO National Commissions

The UNESCO Apia Communication & Information Sector would like to invite you to preview the new website for the Samoa Nelson Memorial Public Library.

The temporary website address is: (the final address will be http://www.???.ws)

The website is based on the full-featured Koha Library Management System (LMS) that allows for the online publication of the Nelson Library’s entire catalogue of 40,000+ titles including an extensive Pacific collection. In future, members will be able to reserve titles online.

Basic Google/online searches on Samoa/Pacific publications will highlight the Library’s website significantly increasing the awareness of the titles and knowledge contained at the Library, increasing physical and virtual visits and academic collaboration, and very importantly identifying and highlighting rare and valuable titles.

It is the Vision of the CI Sector to empower Pacific Islanders with ICT skills to access, create, preserve and share knowledge. The development of viable, dynamic websites for National Libraries is a key result area for the Sector.

Libraries possess an immeasurable wealth of knowledge especially on the Pacific and it is critical that the knowledge is made available online, that capacity building and support is provided to library staff for sustainability, and that the Library website is widely promoted for awareness, use of the knowledge and continual development of the Library.

The Sector deployed Koha for the Cook Islands National Library in 2006 and we hope to deploy Koha for at least 1 PIC National Library per year focusing on LDC and vulnerable member states.

We would greatly appreciate your comments.

Abel Caine

Adviser for Communication & Information
UNESCO Office for the Pacific States
PO Box 615
Apia, Samoa