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Online freedom baby, yeah!

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I was surprised to see Everyone's guide to by-passing Internet censorship for citizens worldwide as the first item under Information Management on UNESCO's Open Training Platform - an online repository of open license training materials.

To quote from the source:

This guide is meant to introduce non-technical users to Internet censorship circumvention technologies, and help them choose which of them best suits their circumstances and needs.

Everyone's guide to by-passing Internet censorship for citizens worldwide is a great guide for those who want to use the Internet anonymously, or circumvent filtering on their LAN or WAN, or help others to circumvent filtering in their country or organization, or all three. It contains clearly worded advice and has URLs for numerous free and commercial solutions including, to name but a few:
Internet users who desire freedom of expression and intellectual freedom should read this guide. Similarly, law enforcement organizations should read this guide as the same tools and tactics are used by online criminals.

Photo by: Norma Desmond


Wilson said...

interesting UNESCO training program. Now, if i get this straight, the UN is promoting the circumvention of the govt. censorship? Wouldn't that like, make the UN anti-whatever-govt-has-said-censorship-in-place? Just curious as to how this works out XD