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RIP HnC: another renegade blog bites the dust

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sour tears by a shot in the dark
Another notorious anti-interim government blog goes offline. Hyde and Seek, which went live in May of 2007, seems to have taken itself offline within the last several hours after around 400 posts and thousands of comments.
Wordpress blog deletedAs with the death of WFC, rumors abound about whether or not the bloggers took the site down willingly or unwillingly. If you want to see how the site looked in June and July of 2007, there are three pages captured by the Internet Archive's Way Back Machine.

No doubt, a blog or two will take hnc's place.

Photo by: a shot in the dark

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Wilson said...

and then there were none?

~makoshark~ said...

strange - first the RFC site and now HnC... wonder whats really going on...

thrashor said...

wilson: there are still a few more than none.

shark: i wonder if the bloggers get military close call and close up shop? there certainly are no blog related arrests are lawsuits being filed.

~makoshark~ said...

I dont think the military makes these things public... word is that most of these groups have military moles or people who defect after a while and then trash the blog sites because they have the username and password to it... the tide is indeed changing ;)