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Wow! The Quick Links are great!

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While I have not had time to write a great deal in recent weeks, I have tried to keep you on top of interesting ICT stories from Fiji and around the world with the dfiji Quick Links which you can see on the right hand side of this blog or via the RSS feed.

A few interesting recent Quick Links include:

  • The Oceanic blog comments on gross financial mismanagement at USP in response to a lengthy article in Islands Business magazine. It is unfortunate that the hard working students and staff at USP are already experiencing the aftermath of recent disastrous financial decisions.
  • The O'Reilly Radar blog draws a comparison between libraries and the Oink music site that was recently taken offline by law enforcement.
  • The Fiji Times reports that new telecom licenses will be granted in Fiji some time on November. Creating genuine competition - not just competition between companies in the ATH family - would be a real boon for Fijian consumers.
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Photo by: splorp